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Pianist Yoko Kawano Official Website

​ピアニスト 川野洋子のオフィシャルサイト


Preserve The Tradition

Yoko Kawano is one of the legitimate successors of classical music.


She learn piano with Toyoko Kreuter since high school. Toyoko Kreuter was most famous japanese pianist. From her , she learned German music and Chopin's music. 

She studied abroad at Canada and France when she was 38 years old. 

She still develop one's traditional piano music.


She can play German music , French music , American music , Chopin's music and Japanese music.

She is one of the traditionist about world music.  


Yoko Kawano was born in Tokyo in August 1953. At 11 years old , she entered a special school for gifted children, the name is TOHO GAKUEN School of Music. ( Seiji Ozawa from same school. )

At 16 years old , she met the teacher name is Toyoko Kreuter. Yoko wanted to be pianist.The teacher recommend her to go to KUNITATI music college. 

( Joe Hisaishi was hers senior by three years at the college. )

Graduate school , she performed many concerts , became a pianist in japan.

On the other hand , Toyoko says to her need dedicated to training the young.

So, she start work at YAMAHA music school , to training piano teacher.

After that she while continuing the performance activities , she teaught the piano to a high school student who will be a nursery teacher in a private high school.


During a busy life, at the age of 38, at the request of the piano concerto from Chiyoda Philharmony, she played the piano concerto of Mozart.

Taking this opportunity, she received scholarships in Canada and France to study abroad in order to achieve further heights.


Later, during high-school teachers, fostering upbringing at home, She appeared at national and international music festivals and received acclaim.

Her home students have gone on to go to Japanese music high school , college , and graduate schools, while they have also advanced to the Royal Music School in Belgium and the Regional Music Academy in Paris

After a number of jobs, she have taught over 1300 students in total.

The number of concerts also performed 150 stage.


Repertoire with orchestra

Beethoven - Concerto No.2 B flat major Op. 19

Beethoven - Concerto No.3 C minor Op.37

Beethoven - Concerto No.4 G major Op.58

Beethoven - Concerto No.5 E flat major Op.73

Chopin - Concerto No.1 E minor Op.11

Chopin - Concerto No.2 F minor Op.21

Chopin - Andante Spianato et

                 Grande Polonaise Brillante

Grieg - Concerto A minor Op.16

 Mendelssohn - Concerto for 2 pianos & orchestra E major

Mozart - Concerto No.9 E flat major kv.271 "Jeunehomme"

Mozart - Concerto No.19 F major kv.459

Mozart - Concerto No.20 D minor kv.466

Mozart - Concerto No.21 C major kv.467

Mozart - Concerto No.23 A major kv.488

Schumann - Concerto A minor Op.54


Solo piano repertore (French)


Deux Arabesques
Children's Corner Suite
La Suite Bergamasque
D'un cahier d'esquisse
Etudes No.3, No.7
Hommage à Haydn
Images Book Ⅰ, Ⅱ (complete)
La plus que lente
L'Isle joyeuse
Book Ⅰ No.5, No.6, No.7, No.8, No.10
Book Ⅱ No.1, No.3 No.4, No.5, No.6,

No.7, No.8, No.11, No.12


Les soirs illuminés par l'ardeur du charbon


Barcarolle No.1 A minor

Improvisation Op.84-5

Nocturne No.1 E flat minor

Nocturne No.2 B major

Nocturne No.8 D flat major


3 Novelettes


Impromptus No.7, No.15



Jeux d'eau



Solo piano repertoire (German)

J.S. Bach

The Art of Fugue (extracts)
English Suite No.2 BWV 807 A minor

English Suite No.6 BWV 808 G minor

France  Suite No.5 BWV 816  G major

France  Suite No.6 BWV 817  E major
Italian Concerto in F major
Partita No.1 B flat major
Partita No.6 E minor
WTC BookI (extracts)
WTC BookII (extracts)


Bagatelle Op.126
Rondo C major Op.51 No.1

Fantasy Op.77

Sonata Op.2 No.1
Sonata Op.2 No.2
Sonata Op.7
Sonata Op.10 No.2

Sonata Op.10 No.3
Sonata Op.13 "Pathetique"
Sonata Op.22
Sonata Op.27 No.2 "Mondschein"
Sonata Op.28

Sonata Op.31 No.1

Sonata Op.31 No.2 "Tempest"

Sonata Op.31 No.3
Sonata Op.49 No.1

Sonata Op.49 No.2
Sonata Op.53 "Waldstein"
Sonata Op.57 "Apassionata"
Sonata Op.78
Sonata Op.81a "Les Adieux"
Sonata Op.101
Sonata Op.109
Sonata Op.110

Sonata Op.111

スクリーンショット 2019-05-29 22.15.04.png

Solo piano repertore (Chopin)


4 Ballades Op.23, Op.38, Op.47, Op.52
Barcarolle Op.60

Berceuse Op.57

Etude Op.10 (extracts)
Etude Op.25 (extracts)
Impromptu No.3 Op.51
Fantasy Impromptu Op.66
Mazurka Op.6, No.3,

Op.50 No.3, Op.67-1,2, Op.68-4
Nocturnes Op.9 No.2, Op.15 No.1&2,

Op.27 No.1&2, Op.48 No.1&2, C# minor
Polonaise Op.40-1

Polonaise Op.53 "Heroique"

Polonaise Fantasie Op.61
24 Preludes Op.28 
Scherzo No.2 Op.31

Scherzo No.3 Op.39
Sonata No.2 B flat minor Op.35
Sonata No.3 B minor Op.58
Waltz Op.18, Op.34-1,2, Op.42, 64-1,2,3

Have more and more


Four Ballades Op.10

Six Piano PIeces Op.118
Four Piano Pieces Op.119



Fantasia Hob.XVII:4

Sonata D major Hob.XVI:24
Sonata B minor Hob XVI:32
Sonata C major Hob.XVI:35
Sonata D major Hob.XVI:49

Sonata E flat major Hob.XVI:52






Venetianisches Gondellied Op.30-6

Rondo Capriccioso 

Phantasie (Scotish Sonata) Op.28 



Fantasy D minor kv.397

Fantasy C minor kv.475

Sonata C major Kv.279

Sonata G major kv.283

Sonata C major kv.309

Sonata A minor kv.310

Sonata D major kv.311

Sonata C major kv.330

Sonata A major kv.331

Sonata F major kv.332

Sonata B major kv.333

Sonata C minor kv.457

Sonata F major kv.533

Sonata C major kv.545

Sonata D major kv.576

Variations on a theme of 

“Laat ons Junichen, Batavieren” Kv.24

Variations on a theme of

"Ah, vous dirai-je maman" Kv.265

Variations on a theme of Duport kv.573



Impromptu Op.90 No.1,2,3,4

Moment Musical Op.94 No.3



Allegro B minor Op.8

Arabesque Op.18

Aufschwung Op.12 no.2

Carnaval Op.9

Drei Fantasiestucke Op.111

Kreisleriana Op.16

8 Novelletten Op.21

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